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Hi freje, welcome to the board!

Tick attachment time is irrelevant. The tick that bit me was attached for three hours at most and it transmitted several diseases. Besides Lyme, ticks can transmit several co-infections including Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella, and Mycoplasma. Many people who have Lyme are co-infected.

I don't know the answer to your second question, but I can tell you that no Lyme test is completely reliable and some people who have Lyme test negative. It is important to have testing done at a Lyme reputable lab such as IgeneX in Palo Alto, CA.

How did you remove the ticks you found? Did you save them? If so, they can be tested for disease. Although a bullseye rash is a definite sign of Lyme disease, only about 50% of people who have Lyme get a rash. Lyme can cause many seemingly unrelated symptoms and it affects people differently. Many people do not get fevers or joint pain.

Congratulations on your weight loss! If you have been losing weight for some time, I doubt the tiredness and dizziness is a result of that. Often people dismiss early symptoms(such as oh I am tired because I have been so busy, my neck hurts because I must have slept on it wrong etc.). If your symptoms occured after the tick bite, you really should consider Lyme as a possibility.

People often can fight off a Lyme infection until their immune system becomes additionally stressed (illness, accident, divorce etc.). Then symptoms emerge. If I were you I would take this very seriously. If you do have Lyme, getting the proper treatment early in the infection may reduce the chance of long-term complications. Once the disease becomes chronic, it can be difficult to eradicate.

When Lyme is a possibility, the most important thing you can do is see a Lyme knowledgeable doctor. Many doctors do not understand Lyme and under-treat it. It is also important to be tested for the co-infections.

If you post where you are located, I will give you the name of the closest knowledgeable doctor to you that I know of.

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