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Thanks Ticker! Hermitage is way too far, so if needed in the future, NJ would do if push came to shove.
I have copies of all the bloodwork recently done on me, and the results reference proceedings of the 2nd Conf. on Lyme Disease, Dearborn, MI, 1994.
(I would think there is a more recent reference than 1994!). For the ICG Western Blot it was looking for 5 or more significant bands, and all of mine were non-reactive.
Likewise, with the IGM Western Blot, looking for 2 or more of the three significant bands, all three of mine were negative.
As well, as I was negative for B. Burgodorferi AB.
[I](no point in listing the band numbers-you know what they all are!!)[/I]
I do actually feel much less tired, and in looking at my bloodwork, I did notice that my glucose level is a little lower than normal range (60). Perhaps that has something to do with the dizziness, which I'm still having on occasion.
Nonetheless, I've read that Lyme antibodies do not always show up right on blood tests, and my second bite definitely I'm pretty sure was in fact the week of July 4th, so the Lyme tests were done 3 weeks after that bite. There is always the chance that an antibody reaction hasn't formed yet.
So, if I still have concerns, I will definitely ask my doctor to repeat the tests just to be sure. Overall, I pretty much feel okay right now, but in the back of my head, my radar is up.

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