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Hi Aslo and welcome to the boards...

I now track my infection back to 2000 by looking at old medical records, remembering huge grapefruit size lymph gland and repeated flu like symptoms that fall... and a series of rashes that started back then that I still have. But in Fall of '04 I was slammed with neck pain, gastro, moving arthritis including bizarre rib pain and pain at sternum including swelling, depression, and then what now has turned into a frozen shoulder. So our symptoms (at least initial) are rather similar...

I had gall bladder ruled out, had a few docs offer prednisone for the rash, prilosec for for the belly and to stay on the zoloft,... rolling their eyes.. I know they thought I was a hypochondriac. due to the fact that we were always camping, hiking etc, and I'd had numerous tick bites, I decided to 'rule out lyme'. Thank God I found this site because I did trust what I read about labs and found a doc that would run labwork thru ignenex... yep, tested positive for lyme... negative for all other co-infections except 'equivocal for babesia.

I've been on oral antibiotics since January and responded very well, initially, feeling better after adjusting to meds. The last month has sucked with heart irregularities getting out of hand. But I may be getting on top of that.

All this said to encourage you... my story is one of the GOOD ones in that I didn't have to go thru 20 doctors and go have crazy and destroy my body in the process before even getting to the step of Igenex testings... you still need to get to a LLMD ... but atleast get some ACCURATE testing done if you are going to get any testing done at all..

Hang in there and get to the bottom of your illness... this is the best support group you will find while in process. cj

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