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Very weird, I can remember the day this symptom came on of of pins/needles in finger tips and then toes... because my husband was in hospital recovering from surgery. I was not ill, or having other symptoms and at the time had a friend suggest I have my blood sugars checked out as it goes with early diabetes... but it was weird because it came one day and has been with me since. Sometimes more are of hand/feet but usually more fingers/toes or towards extremities. It is however, a symptom that has greatly reduced since on abx.

As for doxy, I don't recall the fatigue when upping the dose... with amoxycillin, my first abx, I had a lot of trouble just feeling ill, throwing up, etc., trying to adjust.

I can imagine though, that for some it is a hard on the body making the adjustment. Are you taking probiotics of some type... acidophilus, etc??

Do make sure not to take dairy products within a two hour window of your doxy and no calcium/magnesium supplements within this time frame as well... this is a struggle for me...

Hang in there and keep us posted how you are adjusting to the doxy... cj

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