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I got our family practitioner to order my first Igenex test. She did not even charge for the blood draw. The Igg was CDC negative by one band (4 reactive, five indeterminate.. you need five reactive.) The Igm was negative. But she treated me with Biaxin anyway. The next Igenex test I was Igm positive in a big way, and Igenex reported my case to the CDC. The point here is that your blood serology is always changing, especially when you undergo treatment. Dr Singelton says it is actually common to become positive -after- treatment because you have more free antibodies. So don't go by just a single test.

I suggest that you try to find a family practitioner that will order the test(s) and do the draw(s). Perhaps they will even put you on a course of orals to see if your serology changes.

The bottom line is that all of the tests are flawed and that the differential diagnosis for Lyme is fundamentally clinical. I would not waste my time with Bowen.... they have never had a negative test result so no one believes them. Yes, I had one and it was in fact positive.

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