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Hi everyone.

I just got back the results of my Igenex western blot and the IGM was positive, IGG negative. ( The test would have been negative by CDC standards). However, my dr concluded I do have Lyme disease. However, at this point I don't know what to think. In the past, I have several Elisa tests done by regular labs that were all negative. I have been sick for years w/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,. Fibromyalgia, and Hashimotos, now Epstein Barr. (Also found have I have a mycoplasma infection). Anyway I am aware of the heated controversy over Igenex and it's "testing procedures". My dr said the fact that the IGM was positive meant that it was a recent active infection but that it is possible, since I havebeen sick for so long, that the Lyme was there before and became dormant up till now. She gaveme the option of long term abx or samento w/ some other natural stuff. I chose the samento. But,. I am so confused and nervous that I am being treated needlessly. I do have lots of symptoms for Lyme, but then again, they are also symptoms of CFS and other stuff.

I am sooooooooooo confused and upset. I am not sure if I really have Lyme and don't know whether to start treatment. Some of the bands positive on my WB would not be included in CDC criteria. Only thing that makes me think I do have a recent infection is that I have been feeling even worse than I normally did w/ my symptoms and became totally debilitated about 6-8 months ago and was wondering why (I also have an EBV infection that reactivtated so thayt could also explain it.

Anyway, here are my WB results- IGM. If anyone can help me make sense of them, I would reall y appreciate it. My other drs think this is a bunch of BS and that I don't have Lyme, just CFS. Maybe because I was never diagnosed with the really really serious stuff that Lyme can cause like ALS or anything like that, so they don't think my problem is as serious. but I also heard not everyone has ALS symptoms.

IGM (Positive by Igenex)

18 kDA Ind (indeterminate)
22 kda neg
23-25 ind
28 ind
30 ind
31 +++
34 ind
37 neg
39 Ind
41 ++
45 Ind
58 Ind
66 +
73 neg
83 neg
93 +

IGG (neg by Igenex)

all bands negative, except the following bands were indeterminate:


Thanks soooo much for your help. Hopefully I can gain some clarity and know whether or not to start treatment.


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