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actually, I just got my bill back from Igenex and at the end was a complete explanation of both tests. They talked in depth about the IGM and IGG tests and said that although many people w/ Lyme make IGG antibodies, some only make IGM, and that IGM can be a sign of either recent infection, or in people that have been ill for a long time, most likely recurrent and persistent infection. I think I might have my answer. I told my dr the chances of me all of a sudden getting lyme disease is too strange since I've been sick for so long. She agreed with me there!

I too have a positive IgM and negative IgG. My tests were also done at Igenex. All other lyme tests I have had done (blood & spinal fluid) have all come back negative. I know I have had this a long time too. I was dx w/MS 6 yrs ago and have gotten progressively worse since, so I know it's been atleast that long & possibly longer.

My neuro thought test result was negative, something about IgG over rides IgM. Lyme Dr says it's a positive. I think Lyme Dr is right. I tried oral Cefzil and now am on IV Rocephrin.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Has anyone heard of the Stricker panel? My Dr tested me for this before I started antibiotics and I was very low on these 2 tests. I'm not real clear on what this is however I know it is called CD57 and from what I understand it's a marker Dr Stricker has used in tracking Lyme in patients. If patient is low on this marker (CD57) it is further evidence of Lyme.

I told my Dr the other day I haven't seen this (Stricker panel) come up in anything I've read so far (I'm just afew months into this) and she said she thinks it's valid etc. Today I was searching info when I looked at a site re notes on the speakers at the 2004 ***** conference and he was one of the speakers.

Anyone else w/info??

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