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I posted my actual western blot results in a prior post, but the test, which was from Igenex, showed that my IGM was positive (4 bands positive, most equivocal). However, my IGG was negative. The dr said I had an elevated IGM meant I have a recent and active infection. IGG usually positve for people w/ chronic lyme. I have been sick for almost 10 years (diagnosed with CFS/fibromyalgia/thyroid disease), so the likelihood that I all of a sudden picked up lyme disease kinda confused me. The dr also said it is possible that I could have had a previous infection that re-activated. Someone said the negative WB IGG and positive IGM is common in lyme, but I wanted to hear more about this. I tend to think i have "chronic lyme" since I have been sick for so long!! Please help me understand this. I really thought IGG meant it was in your system before. Most of my bands on the IGG with some of the bands being equivocal (those bands were the same ones either equivocal or positve on the IGM).

Hi SickandConfused,

I'm right there with you - confused. Had joint pains, panic attacks, mood swings, delusional for many, many years. My joint pains went away for about a year and then I think I was reinfected and 2 out of 3 IGM's came up positive. The LLMD seems to think I was reinfected. Somewhere along the way I had parvo and some say the lyme can activate that. I don't understand. But the parvo was dead. It's all confusing to me. I almost think I may have gotten lyme way back in H.S. when I was running X-country. It was after that season that I was having irritable bowel syndrom problems. I never went to a doc. Then I had mono my freshman year in college (typical). The joint pains started early 30's. It's confusing. If I didn't have it since H.S., I strongly feel I had the lyme in my early 30's. I'm 44 now.

I remember picking at something in my scalp and had a lymph node surgically removed from my neck (early 30's). They sad I had an infection somewhere from the neck up. I don't think they tested it for lyme. I should try to get the medical report.

In Oct. 2004 the first symptom I had that made me schedule a doctor appt. was the swollen gland in my neck (same place as the one I had removed years earlier). I also broke out in scabs all over my scalp (early 30's) and right after I was diagnosed in Oct. 2004. The dog I had broke out with scabs all over when he had Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Even before the swollen gland in my neck in my early 30's, I had one in the groin area, which I have now. Back then the doc gave me an antibiotic which took care of that and said I had an infection somewhere from the waist down.

If spirochetes sprout I wonder how that would show up on a western blot test. I wonder if IGM's or IGG's come up positive.

I too have a positive IgM and negative IgG. My tests were also done at Igenex. All other lyme tests I have had done (blood & spinal fluid) have all come back negative. I know I have had this a long time too. I was dx w/MS 6 yrs ago and have gotten progressively worse since, so I know it's been atleast that long & possibly longer.

My neuro thought test result was negative, something about IgG over rides IgM. Lyme Dr says it's a positive. I think Lyme Dr is right. I tried oral Cefzil and now am on IV Rocephrin.

Hope you are feeling better soon!
I think your lyme doc is right, too. IgM coming back positive is positive. I never heard of one overriding the other. My son's IgG's all came back positive. But from what I've read, even those can come back negative as time passes. Timing is everything.

I think I've been sick a long time, too and was reinfected. I just can't see how my life style being pretty outdoorsy all my life and then only being bitten by a deer tick once in my life at the age of 43. As I said on another board, I just so happened to pull a deer tick off me and that's the first time I ever recall being bitten. And the tick is very tiny. I can't get over how small it is. I thought it was just another mole, but darker.

If I got sick again, I would've thought it was a relapse this time. It came off so easily that I think it wasn't on long and I am hoping it wasn't infected anyway, but when I get back the NJ, I'll send it to be tested.

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