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Hi Nancy,

I knew when I became very ill after I went mushroom picking in very dense woods on Long Island. I was always an energetic person and after that day in the deep woods I felt fatigued and feverish. I also had a strange rash on my ankle (not a bull's eye).

Anyway, I saw over 50 doctors on Long Island who all tested my blood and kept telling me I did NOT have Lyme. I had CFS which I told you that I didn't believe in that after doing research. So after 5 years of researching every possible scientific-based disease, I found a website that talked about Ehrlichiosis. I fit all the symptoms of that so I went to Stony Brook University Hospital and asked to be tested for Lyme and Ehrlichiosis. The doctor refused to test me for Ehrlichiosis. His exact words were "If you had that, you would be dead."

Long story short: I found another doctor who sent my blood to IgeneX Labs and sure enough, I tested positive for Lyme and Ehrlichiosis, negative for Babesiosis.

I can't tell you how bad my mood swings were before I was treated, I knew this disease affected my mind.

If you go back and search all the threads on this site, you will read many posts from members that have neurological problems due to Lyme. It makes perfect sense for the reason I posted before, the Lyme Spirochetes spread to all parts of our bodies.

As far as psychiatrists, I have been seeing a doctor for over 20 years as I also suffer from Panic Disorder (since I was a little girl) and found out I inherited that disorder from my Mom, my Grandmother, and it goes way back in our family. My doctor is very aware of the difference of my behavior caused from "Lyme" and "Normal Everyday Stress". He has been taking notes from me as he is very interested in Lyme and how it affects the mind. He does not think I am crazy, he is happy that I am getting better and he supports me in every way.

Sadly, most doctors are not as open-minded as my doctor, and they are so quick to tell a person that they have mental problems when those problems are truly caused by Lyme.

Tinuviel mentioned the Spect Scan which I don't know much about so it's worth researching and since you live close to Manhattan, why not call up Columbia University?

As far as Mono, yes I had it when I was about 12 or 13 years old, and I was fine until I got Lyme. I am 48 years old now, so I see no connection between the Mono and the Lyme.

I strongly suggest that you buy some books on Lyme Disease such as "Everything You Need To Know about Lyme" by Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner. They sell that book on Amazon.

I also have the book by Dr. David Jernigan called "Beating Lyme: Using Alternative Medicine and God-Designed Living." The book is not religious and at the moment I am following Dr. Jernigan's methods which are helping me tremendously.

Before you do anything else, please try to see a LLMD. I would also ask your doctor to send your blood to IgeneX Labs again to see if you are coinfected as most people are.

Good luck to you!

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