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hi denice, gretchen and the support gang. this is nancy, jons' wife. his hands are too weak today to type. i am going to get him a mouse to use for handicap typing soon. jon did get approved for disabilty. we are still trying to figure out what he will be able to recieve ( AS FAR AS HELP ). we are going to start IV rocephrin again - have to order that out of the country. usa will not let it's citizens have the generic yet - no surprise. we are going to start ozone sauna treatments next week too. i think we have to start kicking butt with the babesia again. jons als symptoms did seem to go crazy after he got the two units of blood plasma in Feb. they don't test that for lyme/ or co-infections. jon has been doing IV silver. nothing has been the " silver bullet " so far. we will try whatever it takes. jon says " hello " and thanks for asking about him. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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