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I posted several other threads relating to this, but I wanted to post one to ask a specific question. As I mentioned before, I have been sick w/ CFS and FM for many years. I finally convinced my new CFS dr to go a lyme western blot test from igenex after years of suffering and 3 negative elisa tests. Well, it came out positive but only the IGM was positive. The dr said i contracted lyme about 6 months ago. I find it very hard to believe that I would all of a sudden contract lyme after being sick for such a long time. I got an explanation of the tests back along w/ my bill from igenex and they said that some people w/ chronic and recurrent lyme only have positive IGMs and don't have positve IGGs, so a positive IGM could be a sign of recent infection or could be a sign of recurrent and persistent infection.

My CFS dr said it is "slightly possible" that the lyme was there before but reactived, but she thinks it is more of a recent infection that I caught. I find this hard to believe and am wondering if I really do have chronic lyme. I have been feeling sicker over the past 6 months to a year, so i can believe that something has reactivated (so has my EBV), but my symptoms are not new, just getting worse, just have an aching neck, which has happened to me over the years when symptoms got worse.

What is the likelihood that I just contacted lyme disease after being sick w/ CFS/FM for so many years? Do you think it is more likely that I had lyme all along and the CFS deve;loped as a result? These are issues I am trying to sort out and am trying to find a LLMD w/out a six month waiting list!!!


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