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As I wrote in my other posts, I just made tentative appt w/ 2 LLMDs. So far, I have the western blot by Igenex (positive) and mycoplasma and babesia by quest labs (mycoplasma positive, babesia negative). If I can get some blood work before my appt, that would be great to jump start the process. Are there any other blood work I should get?? I know I need a PCR to get IV therapy from my insurance company. Alot of people are saying I need to be tested for other co-infections such as ehrlichosis and bartonella. I am thinking maybe the LLMD will request these, so why not have my CFS dr request them. Should these be done through quest or by Igenex?? That is the question.

Thanks guyss,
Hi Nancy, I would definitely have those other two co-infections done at some point. If you can get them done before your appointment then that's probably only going to streamline your treatment. I think Igenex is the better lab, and I know there are other people here who also feel that way. There are a few people here who have used quest for testing and had the test come back negative only to do the same test through Igenex with a positive reading.

I hope your insurance covers all that you need. Have you had any trouble with your insurance company?
oh, my insurance companyis the pits!! They won't cover Igenex and they actually have a company wide "corporate policy" on the treatment of Lyme Disease. So, I know Igenex has so many tests they are confusing. I was thinking of getting the PCR (which I need a positive result for my insurance to cover anything) and the co-infections, Babesia, Ehrlichiosis, and Bartonella (but not sure which specific since there are several different ones. I already got a mycoplasma test from Quest and it showed very elevated IGG.

This is from Igenex:

"The usual first tests to order for the co-infections are [B]IFA antibody tests: # 200 Babesia microti; # 203 or 206 Ehrlichia; and # 285 Bartonella"[/B]

Also, there is PCR on whole blood, PCR on serum, and now Multiplex PCR. which one should I do??

I figured if I came to the dr with as much info as possible, it would be best. Hopefully my current CFS dr, who is treating me will allow these tests. Thanks. BTW- any idea of the costs,

Thanks so much,
I just posted a new thread about the co-infections test cause I wanted to target those people who specifically had them done. But, I called Igenex and they recommended the PCR and the north east regional panel for co-infections which is very comprehensive- this is going to cost almost 700 dollars. Do you think they are trying to make money off me or is this the test I need?? They said they would be more expensive to order them separately. (They have gone quite higher than $89 per test unfortunately, but I do want the best and more accurate test result!!

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