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Dear cj,

I am trying to add things up since I will basically be in the same boat as you insurance wise. I do have the high risk insurance and if I end up on meds and Dr. Crist works thru a doctor here it will be covered to a degree but not my visit to Dr. Crist or any labs he orders. Since I only have the lyme tests from Quest and labcorp I am sure he will want to run more thru Igenex. Even though they both show band #23 positive it may be more. The only co-infection test I had done was through the ID doctor and he used labcorp and it showed negative. Another question mark I think. Did you have to pay everything up front? We just need to know what to be prepared for when we get there.

I am sure you saw my post that I am at peace with this decision for my own sanity as well as Ronnie's. I was kind of concerned that Dr. C asked about herxes from meds. You would have thought I would have had some whoppers while on the IV but I didn't. Just a few chills and a tylenol took care of that. I'm wondering if he thinks you have to herx for this to be lyme?
As I said before how do you differentiate a herx from just the every horrible feelings sometimes. Some days are more painful but they haven't ever landed me in bed like some on here. Either I'm tough or I'm missing something here.

As far as the neck and shoulder pain, that has been a big problem with me from day one. The mobility problem flared after all the steroids. My first symptoms were the stiff neck and numbness in the back of the left side of my head. The upper part of my left arm started out as though somebody had a rubber band around it and was pulling as tight as they could. It wasn't horrible but has gotten consistently worse in the last few years. I couldn't even bring my left arm behind my back and raise it like the right one. The neck problem I chalked up to sitting and painting crafts for too long but now even the back of my neck hurts when I just knit one row of 120 stitches. Like everybody else I just figured it was age. Pre-whatever this is I could stand in my shed and cut wood for 4 hours straight with no problems even if it was in the 90's. I haven't been to the shed for almost a year and miss that part of my life terribly. Of course if I had gone out there I would have found my husband crying probably.

I never felt I had the brain fog until the last few months and I can't seem to really concentrate on anything and my short term memory is getting worse. I really think it is because I am not focusing or not able to. I am pleased that everything went so well and will be calling to set up an appointment. I will keep you posted. We do have that real estate stuff to do until the end of September but I probably can't get an appointment until then anyway. By the way how long did it take you to get there? I'm already freaking out that I won't be able to go to a restroom and pee for the length of the trip because of my walking. We may have to take 2 days to get there. It's amazing how much my anxiety level has increased in the last few months. I hope you hear good results from your cardio tests and don't envy you the bill even at medicare costs. I'll pray for a windfall. The lottery would be nice! :D I'd offer to pay everybody's bill on here but the first thing I would do is ship jon down to Dr. Harvey in Houston. Wishful thinking. Have a restful day it's been a rough week.


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