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I have an appointment with Dr. Audrey Stein-Goldings in Dallas in late October. She is the only LLMD I could find that accepts my insurance. I tested positive on the Igenex IgG and "inconclusive" on IgM, which had positive bands as well. My ELISA was originally negative but showed something, which is what made me suspicious. I do not recall a tick bite or bullseye rash, but I have been in the woods and also had blood transfusion 9 yrs ago (12 units). My symptoms really seemed to start in 2002. I do have some sort of red mark on the back of my head too...people started noticing it in 2003 I believe.

What should I expect going in? My symptoms are mainly neurological: twitches, tremor, brain fog, numbness, myoclonus, muscle/joint pain, weird hearing problems, etc...

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