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Sep 17, 2005
Hello everyone! I moved back to KS in February of this year. I stayed on my meds 4 months after I felt better. 2 1/2 Months after coming off of them I started getting tired again. I woke up one day and my arms and legs hurt really bad. It hurts in my wrists and hands almost all of the time and it is painful to grasp the water faucet handles. My Lyme Doctor put me on medicine again and I will be able to see him in November. My toes hurt just as bad as my hands, wrists, fingers and forearms. I have awful headaches in the back of my head...and of course they migrate. Has anyone ever had these type of symptoms? I know I must have a co-infection, but I'm not sure which one as of yet. I get chills sometimes when everyone else is hot. I also noticed (back in January) that if I get the slightest bit stressed or upset...that I sweat. I have never had a sweating problem. It is really bad when I'm trying to get all four of my children around to take one of them to school in the morning. I can't take being hot. I start dripping sweat and it's awful. Doing dishes or taking a shower makes me hurt worse. I know that nobody can tell me what I have...and my doctor should be able to, but does anyone with a tick-borne infection other than Lyme have these same symptoms? I was not able to take doxycycline after my tick bite because I was pregnant...and then nursing. I am now on doxycycline...but haven't had a herx yet. I get the chills, but don't get a fever. I am so tired. Ceftin and Amoxicillin don't affect me anymore. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this strange arm, hand and wrist pain. Some days I feel crippled! Please let me know! Thanks!

P.S. I can't wait to see the doctor again! I have so many questions. The first one is to find out why, how and which co-infections remain laid back for so long and then kick you in the rear out of the blue. My symptoms are similar, but yet different than those of Bb.

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