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Dear cj,

When all this started out all I had was the stiff neck, numbness in the back of my head, hand stiffness, ans some weakness in the left leg. I can't believe I used the word "all". :eek: I kept saying it was numb and there is that sensation but the more I decide which words to use it would be more stiff than numb. All of this was concentrated on the left side until the steroids. Now the right is much worse than the left ever was. I refer to it as my bad and worse side. About a year ago the sensation got to the point that the "stiffness" went from my hand to my elbow but mostly on what I would call the fatty part of my arm although now there is no longer fat or muscle just loose skin. Some days are worse than others but as you said very frustrating. If I am reading anything I use those elasticized glovesfor crafts and that helps. I don't know if you have this or not but when you talked about hitting the funny bone it reminded me that if I hit my foot or knee on anything my whole leg goes totally weak. I even had a period there where if I stepped on anything while barefoot no matter how small my leg went weak. This lyme has really messed up my nerve endings. I now put my tennies on the minute I get out of bed and make sure I don't whack my knee on anything. It is probably still there but with the protection I take I am not sure. I have said before that this kills me because I have always been a "barefoot" girl. Seems like I was always pregnant too. :D I don't know if this helps but maybe.


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