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Lymes or ms
Sep 24, 2005
Hi Everyone, Alright I'v been going through hell for the last two years with symptoms of either ms or lymes. It started one day in a class I was taking for school for law enforcement. I started feeling really weird almost like I was losing my mind or losing control of myself. I started getting really dizzy and hot. I thought I was just coming down with the flu or something. Then I started having pain in my jaw, fingers, neck,back,toes,rist, and just all over. This kept going on and on and on. With in the last year or so I;v been havibg problems with my eyes almost as if I'm losing my vision. I have really bad streaking at night, halos, and in bright light I can;t even stand it at all it makes me even more dizzy then I'm already am. When this all started it got to the point that I coudn't stand it anymore and i went to the emergency room and demanded test be done for what ever this was. So they did an MRI,spinal tap, and a bunch of blood work. There was a little protein in the fluid but nothing to show lymes disease, nor did the blood work. But however my MRI showed 4 brain lesions so right away the doctor told me she was 80% sure I had ms and that I should go to a neuro asap and get checked out.So I did and that was about a year and a half ago, And i'v been back there 5 times since for checkups and what have ya and still no diognoses for ms yet. The neuro says the lesions are non specific for ms.So here I am my vision is getting worse I have muscle spasms constantly all over my body serious brain fog,arthrits in all my joints totally something is wrong and I cant get an answer. I'm almost done with law enforcement school and Im seriously thinking about not moving on because my memory is going by the day and so is my vision so that woudnt be good for a Police Officer. The bottom line is these doctors dont know nothing i dont think. Iv been to so many doctors in the last year it is sicking, I'v been to the reumy, infectious disease,family practice,ent and im sure there others just cant remember. So If theres anybody with any info i would be greatly appreciative.Sorry so long I just needed to vent.

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