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I have most (actually all except the joint pain) of what you describe, yet when I went to see my ID doc, she did another ELISA (or EIA) and it was negative. I did have the positive western blot from Igenex too. She thinks they are too "questionable" though. She did a very thorough (better than my 2 neuros did) neuro exam on me, and only saw my tremor, which was much worse becasue I was so strung up.

I do have joint pain ocassionally, but it could actually be muscles around the joints-I don't know. I lost hearing in one of my ears for about 2 hours one day, and when it came back, it sounded like a phone dialing in my ear. I have tinnitis all the time still.

I am also having much problems with sinuses and allergies, and I hear an "echo" in my right ear when I speak sometimes...really weird.

She has done an EEG and MRI (I haven't got results back yet), and all other bloodwork (Syphillis, Lyme, West Nile, Hepatitis B & C, HIV, etc) was normal except a slightly positive ANA (for the second time), slightly high EOS (I have no idea what this was high last year too), and slightly positive part of my thyroid makeup...TSH were normal though...not sure what test she was talking about.

She's making me do a sleep study, as she's concerned about my sleep paralysis I've had for 3 years now. If she can't help me or whatever, I'll have to take my positive WB and go see Dr. C in Missouri (I already have an appointment).

I really appreciate any feedback and direction anyone can provide...I want to get well so bad, but no-one finds anything.

dallasmommy: did Dr. Colquitt diagnose you and did you test positive on the ELISA? Just curious. She says she treats about 10 Lyme patients.

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