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Well, I'm getting all my stuff for the Infectious Disease doc I am seeing next week for my positive Lyme's test...I got a copy of all my work done from my neuro whom I saw last year.

The only abnormalties I see are:

1. "ANA screen was slightly positive" (was never told of this, except all labwork normal)

2. X-RAY: Mild spondylosis at C3 to C5 levels (I was told I had mild arthritis in my neck)

3. MRI: 2 small spurs are noted at C3-C4 and C4-C5 with no narrowing. No canal stenosis. Very minimal, if any, cerebellar tonsillar ectopia, yet no evidence of Chiari malformation. No cord lesion identified.

I have BFS symptoms also, but I am wondering about the positve ANA...was told my symptoms are not explained by anything on MRI...did any of you with Lyme's have anything show up on the ANA test? I read that an infection in the body can make it show up too.

I have heard that Lyme can cause a positive ANA, or at least that there is a higher incidence in Lyme patients (that don't have Lupus, which is what they use the ANA to screen for).
I too have had a positive ANA and positive lyme test.....after being on doxy for about 5 months now, my ANA test has went from postive to borderline.

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