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Help! How is a detox bath supposed to work?

I tried it last year, but I was so sick that either I didn't remember to take a detox bath or I jsut didn't care cuz I was too fogged out.

I've decided to give a try again - detox baths every night for 30 days. I pour Epsom salts into a hot running bath and 2 bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide. I make it as hot as I can stand it. While in there, I scrub every inch of my skin surface with a nail brush (I read here that this helps with absorbtion). I soak for 30 minutes or as long as I can stand the heat.

Am I doing this right??

Unless your 3' tall, I don't see how a normal sized adult can submerge their whole body at once. Either my knees stick out or my shoulders & head stick out. I can't do both at once.

So which part of the skin is most absorptive? I'll be sure to keep that body part submerged.

Does anyone know the chemistry involved? :confused: Am I just soaking in hot salty water or am I extracting toxins? How exactly does the magnesium bind with the salt , etc.?

I notice no difference at all when I'm in the tub or anytime after I get out. I'm drowsy, but I'm always drowsy after a long hot bath.

What should I look for? How will I know its making a difference?

Any comments (good or contrary) are appreciated!

Peace and health to all.

Hi 6blues, I've been researching this and doing baths every night. It helps a lot and I have much more energy. I'll try to tell you what I have learned and others will fill in the blanks I hope...

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and has the ability to dispel toxins which build up in you. The part of the body that seems to release the most toxins is apparently the soles of the feet, so be sure to submerge your feet.

As for the heat factor, make the water reasonably warm and get in the tub, then increase the temperature gradually by adding hot water, but don't make it so you can barely stand it because you'll tax out your body and make yourself weak. You can't kill the spirochetes with super hot water, studies have proven that you'd have to make it about 130 degrees for an hour to do that, and of course the human body can't tolerate that. So if the water is so hot that you make yourself weak, then the bath may be counterproductive.

Dry brush the skin with a natural bristle brush moving in toward the heart as you brush. Using a sythetic brush will stimulate negative ions and affect polarity in a way that is not helpful. Your cells have energy and positive ions will encourage good health. Sounds hokey, but it's true. You should be brushing your dry skin before the bath for three to five minutes.

The salt doesn't bind with magnesium, epsom salt basically is magnesium. The peroxide and the salt work together to draw out toxins over time, so if you sit in a super hot bath for fifteen minutes that if not as effective as a moderately warm bath for thirty minutes.

You will probably feel very tired after the bath, but you should have improved energy the following day, especially after doing this for a week or so. Try to remember not to put toxins into your body all day long and then expect a bath to solve the problem. This bath will draw toxins out, but not like a garbage truck load. You have to "eat clean" and don't drink chlorinated water, don't use chemicals on your hair, no flouride in your toothpaste, no processed foods, buy organic fruits etc. If you have city water, you might want to get a serious filter.

I'm cheering you on over here...Go 6blues, you can do it! Yay, detoxing, wuhoooo! Detox, Detox, Goooo Detox!!!

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