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Hi all,

I'm a 31 year-old male New Zealander living in New York without health insurance. About three weeks ago I had a pretty intense fever for two days with a stiff neck and joint pain. The fever subsided but I still have several sore joints, particularly my wrists and my left groin. They feel like sprains but I haven't had any injury or trauma. As well as the sore wrists I've also lost sensation in both hands - as I'm typing this now it's hard to coordinate what I'm doing. I've made several visits to woody areas of Connecticut, so Lyme disease is a possibility.

I went to see a sliding scale doctor this afternoon. She's holding off on testing for Lyme disease because apparently the testing is expensive without insurance. Instead she took a urine sample (I have prostatitis and am currently having a flare-up) and is testing for a form of arthritis that people get in their teens and 20s.

I'm a little anxious about all of this and am not sure what to do. How expensive is a Lyme disease test? Is there anything natural I can take
in the meantime, in case it is Lyme disease?

Also, I'm returning to NZ on Nov 7, where healthcare is free and I
won't have to worry about costs, insurance etc. Is there any risk in me
waiting for a month before doing anything about this? Will I be putting my health at risk?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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