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Dear Karen,

I was on the IV rocephin for 9 weeks and then had to stop because of liver enzyme problems. Mine jumped from 40 - 737. Make sure your husband takes milk thistle to keep his liver clean. If I had known about it when on the IV I might have been able to continue and would be better now. Hopefully he is taking a good probiotic too to replace the good bacteria in his system that will be depleted from the meds. After coming off the IV all the symptoms that it had "cured" came back except the palpitations. I have had them maybe 2 or 3 times since last January but not nearly as bad and really not bothersome. I may have some babesia sticking in me and that may be why I can't shake this lyme but will see Dr. Crist in Missouri in 2 weeks. Hopefully he will cure me. Good luck with your husband's treatment and feel free to ask any and all questions or just come on to vent because it is a wondeful group here and you will garner a lot of lyme knowledge.

I haven't had IV, but I'm considering it. Same drug. I DO have both those symptoms, along with muscle aches and tingling/burning pain. "internal tremor" - yes that's a apt description for the vibrating feeling inside.

How long is long enough for the IV? It seems like so many people feel they should have been on longer. Rocephin can cause gall bladder problems and that's one thing I"m worried about. Has anyone had problems (or no problems) with the gall bladder?

And, Ticker, to answer the question you asked me on the other thread, I was tested for coninfections and they came up negative.

I thought my symptoms were pretty mild, but Klawk's husband sounds like he has less symptoms. Klawk, just out of curiousity, did your husband try orals? Did they help him at all? Or did you decide to go right to IV?

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