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Re: Flagyl Question
Oct 11, 2005
[QUOTE]did you self-administer injections? I've been looking into this some as I've heard it is both cheaper and more effective than high quality oral B-12... does it require a Rx?[/QUOTE]

I just started doing the B-12 injections, self-administered. I noticed a definite improvement over the oral B-12 I'd been taking,. Aside from feeling just generally better overall, I found it really helped me with clearing the brain fog, I noticed improvement in clarity and mental alertness.

The important thing is to get methylcobalamin and not cyanacobalamin from what I was told. My doctor says that he hasn't seen much improvement with people on cyanacobalamin and that it is not as well utilized by the body. Methylcobalamin must be obtained from a compounding pharmacist. As for self-administration, that is an individual thing. For some people it is totally out of the question. Personally I didn't have any problem at all with it, but that is something that is going to be different for everybody. Maybe it could be done at a doctor's office?

Yeah, Flagyl is not easy to take, but it is a really important medicine for treating Lyme. As you probably know, it kills off the cyst form of Lyme and if I'm not mistaken also is effective against Babesiosis. Really important to kill the cysts. I think a lot of the symptoms (apart from nausea which I'm pretty sure is just a side effect) are Herx related. For the nausea, I have been using the New Chapter ginger syrup as ncgirl had suggested and it really helps. As was stated, knowing what to expect is half the battle. Main thing is just drink a lot of water, like a gallon a day.

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