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Hi Nancy. I've noticed nothing out of the ordinary at all since I've been taking the baths. I wish I noticed even the slightest change (good or bad) but so far ... nothin'!

I can't remember to measure the Epsom salts so I buy it in the cardboard quart; I have no idea how many cups that is. I pour half the box and 2 big bottles of hydrogen peroxide into really hot running water so the salt grains dissolve. (I've sat on a few undissolved grains and it hurts)

I got this "recipe" off these boards; do a search for posts pertaining to baths and you'll find other recipes. Mentally, I can only handle 1 recipe right now. I hope someday to have the mental capacity to remember to buy other ingredients and try them.

After a few seconds, I switch to warm water and turn down the faucet so the water comes out slower. I get in when the tub's about half full and scrub every inch - between my toes, my underarms, my scalp, my face, etc.

I close the shower curtain partly to keep the air warm and partly because my other bathroom is under construction and my kids can come in if they can't wait.

By then my body is used to the warm water, so I change the running water to really really hot and let it trickle out of the spout so it happens gradually. While its filling, I try to submerge. My tub is normal (small!) sized and I must look like an alien crab by the time I contort all my body parts under the water line! LOL

My thermometers are crap and I dropped my Thermoscan in the tub last week, so I guess the water temp gets to 106 - 108F.

I keep submerged for as long as I can stand it - maybe 10 minutes at a time - then I sit up, take a break - then submerge again. On a bad night I can only stay submerged for 5 mins at a time.

I bring my cell phone into the bathroom and use it as a timer. I also bring water bottles, Readers Digest, thermometers, etc. I look like I'm going on safari!

My goal is to get my body temp up to 104 for a few minutes each day.

When I'm done, I drain the hot water, and I run cooler water at the same time. Doing that helps me to not feel so "heavy" and tired afterwards. It also lets me stay in longer which is way better han dealing with my two teenagers.

After I get out and get dressed and go about my business, I sweat for a long time. I actually carry a towel around with me.

If I was doing only the baths, I bet I would be noticing a difference but I also started TOA free Cats Claw and a new abx recently so I have no way to baseline this experiment.

I don't know if the temperature or the ingredients are the biggest factors. Heat does kill spirochetes, but only high sustained temps. I'll just keep at it for as long as I can.

Peace and health to all.

Good luck and happy bathing!
Kudos to you Mickie,
I take the Epsom salt, Peroxide, and Baking Soda baths, also. I remembere after reading your posts that when i first started doing them it was because of detoxing, but my brain forgets these things and all i remembered is that i do it know because it helps with the aches and the pains. I get it as hot as i can also mostly becasue i am so cold all the time. ARE any of you COLD alot of the time?:?:
Anyways i think i will try to do these like like you are doing , Mickie and see what happens, Thanks for reminding what i was doing this for, ! :)

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