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Oct 16, 2005
Sleeperwoken :wave: ,

Congrats on your sauna. I absolutely love mine!!

On the lymphatic need to look for VODDER lymphatic massage. This is the one that I had done back in April. Now, I would not suggest you have this done unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure your lymphatic system is draining properly. Another words you are feeling strong and bowels are moving great.

When I had this done (she only did neck-throat and face)and within an hour an emotional wreck then came the vomitting and then the bowels went crazy for days. I was very ill from the toxins being released into the system.

My advice to you is NOT to do this until you are kepping the bad days at bay. The sauna and baths will help tremendously.

I spoke with a DR the other day(alternative medicine) and he had this done...he's on the extreme end of being the picture of health and he said that he would be very causious that anyone do this unless they are feeling well.

Just a heads up!!
~P ;)

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