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hi 6blues

i am having a hard time with bad herxes too and it seems to be continual. i too wonder is this a good thing or not? the leg pains i get are like strong electrical currents are painful, and sometmes come one right after another. i see dr e next week and this is on the top of my ?? list for her. i also take the cats claw and 2 abx. omniceff and ketek. dosages are quite high according to the pharmicist. i don't want to lower dosage if this is kicking those sketes butt, but how do you know??

i want to hear your story and compare notes about dr e sometime soon. i have not answered your post sooner because i fell and broke my rt wrist and had surgery this past fri. i'm dealing with that as well. not fun. i feel even more shut in than before. i know this is all temporary and am thankful for that.

i will let you know what i find out about the herxes.


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