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[QUOTE=Winnieie]What is considered positive in Lab tests alone?? I dont believe I have lymes. I had a CFS diagnosis, but not i the joint pain and numbness that seems so common in lymes. This was my test results 4 years ago. I had some indicators. I will quote word for word-----"Lyme Disease AB screen, TOT EIA w/western blot conf qualitative: Positive 1.90H with reference range to be less that 1.0" This was done thru Quest diagnostics. Two of the IGG western blot bands were postive. The 39 KD and the 41 KD. One IGM was positive, the 23 IGM. Are there false postives that show up on these tests? Is it possible i had an extreme mild case, but my probs now really are CFS? Or a combination? I also had tested positive for mono three times with extrememly high titers to epstien barr virus IGG. I can say the worst of my symptoms were the muscular fatigue, for 4 months i was in bed, with initial very swollen lymph nodes, particularily in the left arm pit. And the first week i went to bed with a headache and woke with a head ache. But the 'pains' are just not there, nor any strange numbness. Mostly a "push/crash phenomenon, and exersice intolerance, classic of CFS. My doctor who i went to for possible gamma globulin shots was all interest suddenly in lymes(he i wentt o four years ago)so i get the new test results back soon. ---------Pamela[/QUOTE]

Hello. CFS is really more of a description. It is not a "real" diagnosis specifying the cause of illness. Now CFS, MS, Lupus and other immune related disorders are recently being proven to be tied into bacterial/spirochete infections.

You've described it well- Its muscular fatigue. That dip in your energy levels is a space that the bacteria occupy. The more you go out and run yourself down and the weaker you get, the more space the bacteria occupies. When you take an immune builder like Andrographis, you will herx yourself off, because it fills this empty container of energy back up and pushes the bacteria back out. You will feel your strength return and at the same time your eyes will burn while the poison makes its exit.

Some people say they don't have fatigue...its neurological...Does a crazy person know they are crazy? What frame of reference do they have to judge by? They judge how they felt yesterday. Or last week. When you have a disease like this, it takes years to develop...and by the time you are aware- you don't remember what it felt like to be normal.

Even if your Lyme test came back negative, it doesn't matter, if you have chronic muscular fatigue and exhaustion, you can bet you have some form of a parasitic infection.

Recovery is there if you want it...but there is no way take a pill and walk away. Unfortunately if you've walked through the woods and find yourself lost in the dark, you are going to have to make the same trip back but under more extreme and frightening circumstances in order to arrive back to the destination you came from.

Herxing should not just happen for a couple of months. If you have been sick for years, you are going to herx every single day you make progress. If you are not herxing during treatment- if you are not feeling horrible, then how is it possible that you are destroying bacteria thereby tripling the amount of toxic waste as it explodes into your lymph and surrounding tissue.

The key is to try and unclog your lymph first, and then continue with controlled herx management through a manipulation of proper herbal or pharma protocols. Clear lymph to the point of reducing symptoms, i.e. detox baths. every day with no medication or treatment. this has to happen for at least two months....Once your symptoms begin to become more manageable, then begin treatment slowly, and you will notice your herx immediately by the increase of you can detox each day and dose appropriately so you can manage a gradual improvement in your condition. If the lymph is clogged and then you start taking medication and expect things to unclog with the detox baths, itís just going to be too much for your body and you'll find yourself clogged all the way through.

I prefer Andrographis to Samento any day.

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