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I took it for three weeks - had a nasty herx migraine the third week when I added flagyl. I forget what dose I was taking - I want to say 750 mg a day...I did not have dizziness though...i always ate with it...
Hi everyone,

As I read through Dr. Crist's protocol I am nearing the end and kind of jumped ahead a little and what he does is after you are symptom free for a certain amount of time he has you go off abx for a specified time and then gives you a huge dose to see if you herx. If I read correctly he actually does this a couple of times to be sure. It sounds reasonable. I hope all of his plans work. They seem to be well thought out. Either that or he came to some of them by following his patients.

I have to tell you about something he said concerning doctor - patient relationship. He is now doing some things because the patients requested it and it has worked and he said you must always listen to your patients. He said that is called medical studies 101 at college. I loved that he said that but realize a lot of doctors we have seen slept in during that class. :nono:


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