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I saw where you recently visited Dr. Jemsek. Do you see him for all your appts? I ususally see someone else, but will see Dr. J in Dec. I am wondering how this appt. will be compared to my previous. I will be interested to see if he will make any changes in my protocol.

I am not on any meds at this time. After 1 year on all these meds, not feeling 1 bit better, taking probiotics from day 1, my esophagus can no longer handle pills and capsules. I contacted my lyme practitioner and she said to stop everything for 2 weeks, which is up this week. I can swallow food and drink, but any pill seems to scrape along my esophagus, causing great pain and burning. It burns so badly, I feel like I am breathing fire.

I recently visited with an ND. She had lyme 2 years ago and almost died. I know she was on IV. I was so taken by surprise when she revealed this, that I never asked her who treated her and for how long.

I put myself in her hands for the time being. She must know what she is talking about, and at least knows how lyme really feels. Since I made no progress on 1 year of drugs, I am willing to give her a few months to treat me. She urged me to keep my appt. with Dr. J in Dec. She also realizes I might feel worse and need antibiotics.

I took ketek for several weeks. I noticed it causing dizziness, even taking it only at bedtime. Everything now take causes dizziness, so trying something new is always very distressing.

Take care...

First off don't cancel your appointment with Jemsek. I've been all over the USA and Europe, seen many doctors, your in good hands there, this I really believe.

It sounds like to me your experiencing heartburn, or have maybe an ulcer? Not a doctor just wondering?

Do foods upset your stomach and cause any burning feelings?

Your lucky to have such a great clinic that understands Lyme, trust them for whatever time is needed…

PS. Sorry your sick, I know many people in trouble with Lyme and related illnesses.

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