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Well, I like the epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide bath. I have a large tub and I use two cups of epsom salt and two large bottles of hydrogen peroxide. I stay in there for about half an hour at about 102 degrees.

There are two different theories with respect to how hot the tub should be. One theory is that you should get the water as hot as you can stand it in order to make the spirochetes suffer and hopefully die. I did this when I first started with the antibiotics and I can say I felt a lot of "activity" such as tingling and redness at the water line, etc. I used to go in the tub about a half hour after taking my meds for the night and I felt like it was making the lyme stir up and also making the meds move through me faster. It made me feel good to think that I was making them weak, I have no idea if it was true or not, but psychologically, I needed to be actively doing something to beat the bugs!

Later on, I was told that the very hot baths probably don't kill any spirochetes because you really need to get it unbearably hot (like 130) in order to do that, so that would be impossible. Also, the super hot bath is a real drain to your already suffering body in that it can affect your blood pressure and make you sick. I felt like maybe this would be more harmful than any good. I also learned that the detox baths work better the longer you stay in, and whenever I got the bath super hot (like 106 or so) I could not stay in there for a very long time at all.

I think you should try both ways and see which one seems to help you. I will tell you that since I have been on the meds for a long time, I don't get that tingling and etc. when I take a very hot bath. That's one of the reasons I don't do that anymore, because I don't get the satisfaction of feeling like I'm killing the lyme. Now I am doing the longer baths at lower temps (101-103) and I try to stay in for at least 30 minutes. I know I'm not harming any lyme when I do that, but I am getting good detox results.

I'm going to have a bath right now!

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