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Oh, boy! I have a big feeling that my 5 year old little boy is still sick. For those of you that remember my posts over a year ago, he got bit the same day I did (7-4-04) and ended up with RMSF, Tularemia and Lyme. He was symptom free for over 9 months and eventually came off of his antibiotics. He has taken antibiotics a few times recently and didn't seem to have any problems. Three days ago he had to start taking amoxicillin for a sinus infection. I found him crying in his room a few hours after he started the antibiotics. He said that he felt really bad, like a squashed sandwhich and that his arms and legs felt like they didn't want to work. He was very upset and didn't know why he felt so bad, but did say that he felt like he did when he was sick with RMSF. A few days into his antibiotics, (I think this is day 3 or 4) he kept waking up all fussy, flopping his arms and legs around the bed like I do when I herx. I am so sad that my baby has to suffer like this. It just came on out of mine did a month ago. I'm going to see if I can get him into Dr. Crist's office the day I go. It's just so hard to know what's going on with little ones, especially when they don't complain. I had been praying that God would show us if he was still suffering from tick-born illnesses, and I'm pretty sure that he must be after watching him thrash around the way he did. The other kids are sick with the same crud that is going around and they are on antibiotics and not acting like him. He has also been extremely moody and irritable over the past few days and has been acting out, which is not like him.
I wish he wasn't sick like this. I would rather suffer for him...but that's not possible. My husband already feels devastated financially because I am sick. We are a family of 6 and I stay at home with 3 little ones while my Josh goes to school. I hope I can get well enough soon to find a sit down job during the evening to help out with the bills (mainly to buy medicine). Our insurance will kick in soon and will hopefully cover some of the costs of prescriptions. If this sounds silly, please forgive me. My head feels like I got shot with a shot gun on the left side. Well, have a good day and know we're all in this together and hopefully we will get better.

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