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I'm right there with you, Damz68! My neurologist put me on Levaquin 3 weeks ago and I started within a day with SEVERE pain, even in places where I didn't have pain with previous Herxes, etc! I called, then missed his call back (the secretary told me it sounded like the flu....sighhh) when I was in an exhaustive sleep - No answer back with calls again and when I went for my Rehab, the doctor told me I shouldn't have come in and to stop back at the doctor's office (down the street) and tell him how sick I was....Sect. said he'll call......arghhhhhh

By the following Monday, I was in the allergists for my weekly BiCillin shot and the nurse said I should definitely get to someone about my reaction (all this time in tremendous pain - this coming from someone who went thru 19 hrs of labor w/no meds twice...) so I just decided I was going off the Levaquin as I never had had probs with any of my other meds....

The neurologist finally called 4 nights later and said it was probably good that I went off it....eeeeeesh!!!!! Could've used that advice 3 weeks before! Said he couldn't be sure it wasn't a herx, but.......I should call him back when I was feeling better......riiiiiiiiiiiight! After a week, I'm just beginning to feel significant lessening of the pain.... :bouncing: :eek: :rolleyes:

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