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Dear Carol,

I am so glad you seem to be responding somewhat to the ceftin without to much in the herx department. I can't remember how many weeks before me you went to see Dr. Crist but I think it was at least a month.

I need to call also because he has me on clindamycin and quinine right now for 10 days and then he said a 10 day break but he also gave me biaxin and plaquenil and if I am reading the paperwork correctly that is what I take during the 10 day break and keep rotating these meds every 10 days. he was very specific on paper about the first two but just kind of referred to the next two. I don't call doing something new a "break".

I received my western blot test results from him yesterday and will post them later. I forgot to bring them upstairs. According to the CDC I would still be negative because I had 4 bands positive and one indeterminate but Dr. Crist red pencilled all over the place why he thinks it is lyme. To be honest with you I feel much better about the test because my last two only showed band 23 positive so 4 for sures is encouraging to me. The weird thing is that Quest and Labcorp said band 23 was positive and Igenex said negative, they found other bands. I find that real interesting. What is also weird is that some of my tests only show 3 or 4 bands tested in the Igm and require only 2 but Igenex shows a lot and requires 5. I don't understand why they all don't test the same bands.

I haven't had any herxing other than to be dragging at times a little more than usual but not enough to rest from the meds. In fact after a couple days of the combo I cleaned my fridge and did a few other things. Not much mind you but at least felt like doing it. I am only on day 7 so far so I know I have a long way to go but am encouraged. The quinine does make my face flush though so maybe this is good.

Keep us posted on your flagyl experience. I think we are all afraid of it because I don't know if anybody on here has good experience with it. I will have to say that Mary, Dr. crist's nurse said don't be afraid of it because everybody is different. I will follow your progress closely because I am right behind you and will probably be given some of what you are taking. How has your shoulder been doing? I hope you have at least resolved that problem.

By the way Dr. Crist wrote on that paper he sent with the test yesterday to do massages and the Stephen Buhner book recommends them too but when GGB talks about her experience it kind of scares me. Dr. Crist feels massages will force some of the bacteria out so the antibiotics can get to them. I guess it is another question for when I call tomorrow.

I hope you continue to improve even if it is at a tortoises's pace as Dr. Crist likes to say. Time to me right now is immaterial, healing is all that matters.


PS I wish we would hear from Heather and how she is dong. I hope she is not reacting to the IV like Shanna did.

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