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Morning all,

Update: Ceftin has worked well with little herxing. I requested to combo the Zithromax with Flagyl as I'd read much good results in past threads and Crist agreed.

So I'm starting the Zithromax today, 500mg, 2x daily, to see how I'll respond to it and then Flagyl ought arrive via mail in a few days. I plan to start out on low dose and then build up. Rx says 1/4 tab, building up to whole tab 3x a day (250 mg). I see that several have pulsed this drug in the past.

From what I've read, it can be quite MEAN to take... so I guess pulsing is good from that standpoint? To give the body a break?

If by chance I tolerate it well, should I try to take it every day or are there other reasons that pulsing is helpful in terms of healing?

I'll call Crist's office if I choose to change from his Rx but thought I ask from those with experience first.

Thanks ...Carol

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