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Hi 6Blues! :wave:
I don't have the jiggly symptoms that you have, wish I could help you there but I can't. But since you say you have inner ear problems I wanted to ask you this: When you sleep at night, do you have problems with your ears hurting because of the pressure from your pillow? I've never heard of anyone having this but I have a hard time with it myself. I even cut a hole out of my pillow so it could relieve some of the pressure. I wake up with horrible ear pain when I lay on my side. My ears feel wet and they hurt so bad! Before I found out that I had Lymes I thought I had inner ear infections but when the doctors looked at them they said they look fine. I have horrible ringing in my ears too. Just wondering if you've ever experienced this, but I hope you haven't! Good luck, my heart goes out to you!

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