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I started having headaches, left side of face felt like the dentist had numbbed my face. Neck pain that then ran down left arm. Lf arm sometimes numb tinggly. Started having these symptons probably 10+ years ago. Sometimes I would wake in the night and feel like my arm was covered with crawling bugs. Drove me crazy. Then it happened infrequently. Now its there most of the time. Intensity varies.
About6-7 yrs ago went to ortho for his disagnosis. He said he thought surgery would help. IT DID NOT HELP. FIRST CERVICAL FUSION DID NOT TAKE. HAD TO HAVE IT REDONE. We all seem to grab at straws. I have come to the conclusion the neck surgery was not necessary.

How much do we suffer, while doctors get rich off problems that either don't exist or do exist but the dr choses to treat improperly or to hide his head in the hole.

Its been a diffulcult day. Sorry to vent to you guys so much. Thanks for caring.'
prayers to all. Marsha

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