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Hi guys,

I have been going to write on this thread for a few days but just didn't have the energy. When I first started having symptoms, (almost 5 years ago) it started out with neck pain in the back but I was doing craft shows and just blamed it on holding my head down so much to paint. Then that summer Ronnie was trimming trees in out back yard and I had to hold the ladder for him and I couldn't stand to look up because my neck hurt so bad and was "weak".

When I finally decided that it was more than just the crafts my left arm near my shoulder but really just my arm was very painful. It felt as though somebody had a rubber band around it and was pulling it as tight as you could get it. For a very long time (years) this is really the only pain I had. In fact most of the pain I have exprienced is from taking a fall not just the lyme. Of course all the falls I have taken were because of my weak legs and equilibrium from the lyme. :rolleyes: Maybe I just tolerate pain more than most?

CS & Denise, I have heard the sublingual B12 is almost as good as the shots. We even have an infommercial down here in Dallas almost every Saturday morning with some guy touting the sublingual B12 he developed. It's pretty convincing and something I should look into too. Besides all the Vit C that Dr. Crist would like you to take (15,000mg/day or until you develop diarrhea) he is also a big supporter of the magnesium. I forget the terms that are used for the kind he sells on his website but it sounds better than most. It is actually one of the cheaper things he sells too so it may be something I can afford. I didn't know that besides the magnesium you should take the Vit C at least 2 hours either side of meds because it is a detox agent. His nurse told me this a few weeks ago. Live and learn.

I am having some luck with the sublingual Melatonin he said to get. We had tried the regular kind with no luck but the Source Naturals brand we bought has completely starightened Ronnie out and he doesn't even need to take it anymore. He sleeps like a baby. Some nights I can actually get 6 hours straight sleep with just 1/2 a pill. I keep the other half on the nightstand in case I wake up because it said you can take it like this. No bad dreams and I don't feel groggy the next day because it is absorbed right away being sublinual. Maybe this would be something Jeanne could benefit from. I sure miss her and dorkdad and hope they are getting healthy.

Denise, I almost posted to you the other day because it seemed as though we hadn't heard from you for a long time but it had only been 3 days. I got used to "hearing your voice" on here daily. I even wondered if you had gone to Ohio after all. You were probably just taking a break. Something we all need now and then.

I hope everybody has a great weekend.


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