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Hi all....I recieved an update today from LYMEINFO concerning the recent attack on the IGeneX labs so called "unreliable" western blots and other lab testing. Here's the copy of the letter. I was so happy to see that IGeneX was proved right, that they like we all knew are indeed accurate and reliable! I hope some of us can write to the Times to motivate them to print a retraction or an additional article correcting the harm they did to the labs. I am going to try to write on to the Times editor today if I'm feeling up to it after going in to have my Hickman line taken out later this afternoon. Either way I am sure going to try to pass on the news to any and all who will listen...shame on the Times for attacking the only place that has been able to finally put an end to many of our lengthy searches for what has made us sooooo ill. :nono:

Go IGenex!


A Letter from IGeneX Labs CEO, Nick Harris (CA)

I am pleased to announce that IGeneX, Inc. recently passed two inspections
on September 7 and 8, 2005, for its biannual recertification from the State of
California. A federal inspector also arrived simultaneously, indicating she
was present due to the NY Times article August 23 which had made
allegations against IGeneX laboratories. The inspection was intense, with a
focus on the Western Blots which had been cited in the NY Times article.

The lab has been fully recertified, and the inspectors clearly saw the
allegations were without merit.

Despite a volume of letters to the Times after the article by patients, groups,
and doctors in support of IGeneX, nothing was printed by the Times.

IGenex thanks all the Lyme community for your support. Perhaps the Times
will relent and print another piece on this issue.

Nick Harris
CEO, IGeneX Labs
Palo Alto, California
Referenced above is the August 23rd 2005 NY Times article "Unproved Lyme
Disease Tests Prompt Warnings".
Hi Shanna,

Thanks so much for the update! That's wonderful news as I always knew IgeneX was on the up and up.

When the Times article first came out, I contacted them and let them know how I felt about their inaccurate article. They even wrote me back.

Now I am going to contact them again as they really make me angry.

I wish Bill O'Reilly (who hates the NY Times) would do a segment on this. He loves to bash the Times, LOL!!

Hi Maureen,

That's really great! Wow! Yes, I know it costs almost $50.00 to join Bill's website and I never joined. I have written him a "typed" letter once before and never received a response (it wasn't about Lyme).

Yes, I know illegal immigration is a hot topic with O'Reilly and Hannity. What a sad story about this young police officer getting shot. That breaks my heart.

Thanks to you, I now know about the other box that opens up, I am going to do what you did.

I really think Bill should do a segment on Lyme and the NY Times.

Will let you know what happens,

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