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CJ - You ARE the best! I DID laugh at the "Hairy Bear" expecially as I belong to an Animal Chat Group where some of the names are "Hairy Pawter" and other really funny takes on real names....Cracks me up every time.

Went for my BiCillin shot this morning and the nurse (who also was dx'd with Lyme & Fibromyalgia years ago) laughed at my "dark humor" when I'm not feeling well and how I always manage to laugh somehow - but understood that only Lymies & Fibros would truly understand and enjoy it....LOL

Finally got to the Williams-Sonoma store in the mall to redeem a certificate my sister gave me for my birthday last year and with only a few weeks left, I had to turn it in before it I got myself an apron and 2 new rubber spatulas...LOL Really luxurious, eh? I read that certificate on & off for a year and it JUST sunk in that I couldn't use it on the net, only IN the store!...sighh absorbtion problems maybe? LOL The mall was almost empty, so I was there and back so fast that hubby hardly had time to fall asleep in the parking lot...but that's it for me and the mall!

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