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Jeanne and Marsha,

For whatever it is worth, doctor sharing maybe....

Before I had any other lyme symptoms, my fingers and toes both, the same day began feeling like there were pins and needles in them. Not asleep, but pins needles... I remember the day which is a rarity in itself, because it coincided with my husband's hip replacement surgery. I was in his room, and bam, it hit. I experience it much less now, but it has never gone away.

Concerned about diabetes, I had blood sugar work-up shortly after symptom hit at the recommendation of a diabetic friend... no problem there. That was three years ago this month. So two years prior to lyme flare. I'd had strange rash for several years and strange onset of symptoms the fall of ??? (whatever several years ago is? - sorry).

During the last two months, my right elbow, and more progressively, arm above/below it, feel like it's been wacked, like funny bone nerve pain. Think it may be similar stuff. Wake sometimes and thumb is totally dead, etc., etc., ....

AND... part of my initial lyme symtoms onset was the worst feelings that my trunk was 'buzzing'... like I was plugged into something electric. And the worst was the few times that this sensation went into my pelvic area...

Haven't experenced that in months.... thank you Jesus!

Do hope the elbow stuff goes away... pretty painful at times. And really gets in the way of the ortho work on shoulder.

Take care. Maybe something in this rambiling can be used...cj

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