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The reason i look at this strain is i am not as infected as most. I am a step away from working and being active.

I have twitching, and cramps in long limbs, fatique, joint pains. Severe back pulses, trunk thuds heavy front and back, some times up through chin and across nose.

Pins and needles alot in arms and legs, waking with numb fingers and hands.

upon being infected I had a very bad long term flu type bug and severe swelling in the ears.

But no swellings or heat involved in any joints (yet!) problem is my size has increased 5 stone since ill.
Its hard to distinguish swelling in my knees.

I have sat for hours looking through symptoms and cross refrencing and im long shot guessing this is active in my body but i need someone whos had it or got it to help narrow some things down.

So tierd and can be so lonely, trying to keep active in the cause.

many thanks
hope you are having a good day.

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