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Thank you Deejavu,6 blues and pearlescale, for your encouraging words.Pearlescale, do lesions ever go away?Have you ever heard of them healing?My Dr.'s are more concerned about WHERE it's located(brain stem)rather than what it is.They said it's unusual for a Lyme lesion to appear there.I already had one inconsiderate Dr. declare me with an "inoperable " brain stem tumor,so i hope it's a lesion that will heal.I lived with that diagnosis for 2 days before going to Boston and finding it may not be a tumor at all! I hope the Dr. I'm going to see is indeed a LLD.I have a kit I ordered from Igenex,but it says that they don't bill insurance and I have to send payment with the bloodwork.The menu is expensive! There are so many different tests and each are $200.00 a piece! Will this Dr. know what to test for?? I'd like to see positive proof of Lyme and know if I have co-infection,but it looks like I'd have to send in at least $1,000.I hope my insurance will reimburse me soon.Anyway,the Lyme Dr. I'm going to is Samuel Donta.I read about him in the newspaper about how he is healing people with Lyme that have gone untreated for years.A guy I met at work told me Donta will find it.The guys wife was diagnosed with MS and in a wheelchair when Dr. Burrascano discovered it was lyme.Although they travel to New York,he highly recommends DR. Donta. If anyone knows any others in the Massachusetts area,I'd love to hear from them.Thanks again for your kind words.

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