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hi fotomom, i'm glad you are feeling "better" or as well as we can feel. I'm hoping the med combinations will work for you. Could you answer some questions for me please as I noted you mentioned numbness in your arm, right?
I am having severe and I mean severe neck pain and my right side, including my face goes numb. My right arm will change colors and get ice cold. my leg feels very weak but my upper neck is the worst. It just HURTS!! I am being scheduled for another mri, a standing one this time. I am seeing an orthro surgeon and I'm afraid he will order surgery. My back stings and any movement like cleaning house especially vacuuming will literally put me out of commission.

Do you think this might be lyme related?
what do that give you for inflamation and nerve pain?

and how do they test for neve damage being the cause of arm pain? I have periodic (more than not) elbow pain, upper arm pain and my hands go numb a lot... pain is in right arm only and i'm left handed... numbness in all extremities but more severe in right hand when pain is kicking up.

the frozen shoulder makes me wonder if this isn't just secondary stuff due to it...

also, do you get areas in arm that go 'hard' on you? i have a place in upper arm and then also above chest that gets very painful and hardened, like ligaments/tendons have tightened up... some in neck as well, all on right side... just wondering if this is related to elbow stuff which i know is nerve related... and if you have the tightening...

do let us know how you are progressings, ok? :wave: cj

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