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As for no sugar/no yeast diet, check out 'The Body Ecology Cookbook', don't know the author but my doctor recommends this and actually uses it himself.

Yes, as far as I know you can take Artemesinin with Mepron. Just remember to take it for 3 weeks on and one week off, then repeat. If you get a chance, do some on-line research into Artemesinin and its use in treating malaria (Babesiosis is similar to malaria), it is very interesting. I was initially skeptical when my doctor recommended it, but have been very impressed with the results.

Babesiosis is treated at the same time as Lyme, although my doctor recommends getting the Babs under control before beginning iv. The Zithromax will kill Lyme bacteria. Be aware that improvement rarely happens quickly and it may take a long time to see a significant difference. Also with Lyme, people in treatment generally feel worse before they feel better.

Yes, there are herbal supplements which support treatment. Also, nutritional support is vital. I use a liquid (for absorbability) multi-vitamin daily and am also on B-12 (methylcobalamin) shots. The B-12 has made a tremendous difference especially with the "brain fog" and overall I feel better. Nutritional support is important because some of the medications greatly deplete the body of certain nutrients. For more nutritional info, I have found Adele Davis' 'Let's Get Well' to be of great help.

For herbal treatment, I work with a pharmacist who is also knowlegeable about ayurvedic herbal medicine and sometimes with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine).

Planetary Formulas makes some good ones, Rehmannia Vitalizer is good when you've been run down or had a long term illness. There are a number of other herbal supplements but it is important to take the ones that are appropriate for your individual needs. In other words, not to treat the Lyme but to support your body in maintaining healthy balance.

New Chapter makes an excellent immune support product called Host Defense. They also make some anti-inflamatory supplements which I haven't tried. Taking Holy Basil daily helps somewhat with inflammation and with maintaining mental balance.

For nausea which can occur with certain meds and with Babesiosis, I have found that New Chapter ginger syrup mixed with soda water is helpful. For insommnia that occurs with Babs and with Lyme, the most effective thing I've found so far is Night's Rest by Planetary Formulas.

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