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My only symptom for the past half year has been achy hips. This waxes and wanes and effects either the left or right but now both hips. I was wondering if there could have been some permanent damage to the synovial tissue due to the inflammation of arthritis and what other people have experienced with "post-treatment lyme arthritis." I have been off of antibiotics for 2 weeks now and feel about the same -not worse thank god.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as "post-treatment Lyme arthritis". If Lyme symptoms persist it means that the infection has not been eradicated and that treatment was not sufficient. Were you treated by a Lyme literate doctor? Many doctors including some infectious disease specialists are not sufficiently knowlegable about this disease and treat with outdated protocols.
I agree. It sounds like you still have active infection. This is hard to kill and hard to treat. Check into LLMD. The only pain you have might be in your hips, but that doesn't mean its not other places. We're all here to support you any way we can.
Prayers. Marsha

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