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I have been anxiously awaiting your post. Sounds like you had a good time with your friends and family. Try to take it easy the next few weeks. Your body was pushed to the limit and needs down time. Pamper, sleep in, do what feel right for you.

I am on Primaxin and Clindamaxin twice a day pulsed M-W-F. Having some problems.
For the last week I've had pins and needles pain in my feet. Sometime toes and other times its my heals. Still having some lt hip pain. LT face and arm pins and needles.
My ear have a high pitch loud rinning. Achy like flu. Pressure in head. Just needed to vent. I would like to dig a large hole and jump in and hid from everyone. I'm tired ot the wellmeaning people who call, but I do not want to talk. Don't want company. Nosies to loud. What is a polite way of telling people that I do not feel up to talking. Is it proper to leave the room and go to bed?

Jeanne, I miss your optimisim. Were you the one with teeth problems. Let me know how everything is going.

Prayers...................Marsha :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:

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