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Hi all...I just recieved an email about the 2005 International Lymes and Associated Diseases Society conference that took place this past weekend and thought I would pass it on to you all.

I think the info on other newer strains of co-infections is pretty interesting. I sure hope they continue to research it out and let our LLMD's know what's going on with this. Lots of the other info though just reinforces lots of what we already knew but should be reminded about every once in awhile. Happy reading all. :)

That's all for to go see if I can find more info about what was covered that didn't get passed on along within this email.

This past weekend was full of new research and information and will be a basis for future lyme patient treatment.


Research: We had international Molecular Microbiology Researcher present. He has made significant headway in correlation of MS, ALS with Lyme Disease from a moledcular science viewpoint. His research Im sure will become a part of the platform for future studies and support.

We also had research on why some people are not getting well. Research has indicated a presence of other pathogens, which previously were not thought to be in humans.

These pathogens include strains of Ehrlichia and strains of Bartonella like organisms. It has been shown by clinical presenters that in cases where relapse is seen days after antibiotics are discontinued, that these pathogens may play part of the role of continued infectious process. The pathogens are not treated by the standard lyme disease and related disorders protocols, only inhibited by them, which accounts for relapse. PLEASE be sure to ask you LLMD to consider the new Ehrlichia (anaplasmosis) strains or BLO if your having ongoing issues post treatment.

They have had some great success with some additional drugs mentioned at the conference.

ALS/MS/MotorNeuron Diseases, have been research implicated in significant numbers, to correlate with systemic tick born infection.

Supplemental Alternative Therapies

Magnesium: I think every one of the researchers there couldnt stress enough the role of magnesium and recovering frm lyme

SUGAR...researchers showed that when sugar is added to Bb bacteria in vivio, the borrellia activity increased and the cell reproduction increased as well. *IE borrellia becomes more active with sugar and also reproduces better when sugar was added in vivio.

Topics of magnets, infrared sauna was briefly discussed with no negative comment, although efficacy has not been scientifically proven for these and there was no supportive data.

Probiotics- two types of probiotics. The first probiotic is a yeast based probiotic. This is NOT the bad yeast. Just as there is good bacteria and bad bacteria, same goes for yeast. Benefits of yeast based is they can be given WITH antibiotics since antibiotics do not affect yeast. This good yeast, prevents the bad yeast from overgrowth and also they claim that it translocates to the kidney, liver, and in the colon to prevent systemic yeast infection from proliferating.

Probiotics bacterias were also spoken about. Flagyl/Tinnidizole requires 4 hours separation from htese types of probiotics.

All other antibiotics require 2 hour separation.

In summary,, Great new research on the forefront is continuing.

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