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Dear Earle,

I was on rocephin IV for 9 weeks about this time last year and when it had to be pulled because of liver enzymes I went on Doxy for 2 months. No herxes at all. I now see Dr. Crist in Missouri and he gives combos of drugs and I herxed for sure around Thanksgiving. Will probably hit me at Christmas too. I take biaxin/plaquenil and it is kicking my butt. I switch to clindamycin/quinine every 10 days. I also have sleep problems and Dr. C recommended sublingual melatonin. I got Source Naturals and at first I took a whole one and slept a little better but now I take 1/4 - 1/2 and lay the rest on the night stand and take it if I wake up through the night. My sleep is not as good as natural sleep but better.

Jeanne, I hope you see this and what I am doing with the melatonin. This seems to work better and I have taken the 2nd piece as late as 4:30 AM and it doesn't affect me the next day.


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