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As many of you know I have been on many treatments. I think I've tried just about everything out there.

I am now on Pulse Antibiotic therapy. This treatment I have reacted the best on. I really like that you get a break from the antibiotics.

I never felt good at all. Always had mental issues. Never really cared about the physical problems and I have many.

This pulse therapy gives my body a break from the everyday usage of the antibiotics, and during this break from the meds, I feel great!

I am on antibiotics for five days, omnicef, moncyclen, and on days six through nine I add to this mix Flagal. And then I have nine days off the antibiotics. During the first 5-7 days off I go through what I will call a toxic withdraw from the antibiotics, but then the next few days I feel very much like a normal person.

Need to feel this; after four years of thinking I might be going insane, to have even a few normal moments is enough to make me believe that I still have some kind of a chance at a normal future.

I have been on this pulse therapy for almost nine months now, and I am improving with this treatment very much. Something for all to think about when on long term antibiotics, its hard on the body, and the Lyme fights back anyway. So these breaks for me have been great, I was wondering if anyone else is on this type of treatment longer then I have been, and what they think about it?

Good luck to all the Lymies and I hope for a great holiday with all your wishes at your finger tips for the takenů

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