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Hi Earle,

Great to hear from you again! As you probably know, I follow Dr. Jernigan's protocol and I feel so much better every day.

I just called up his office yesterday to order more products and was asking about my Brain fog caused by Ammonia in my brain (probably have it in my liver too).

Annette told me that Pale Spike Lobelia was better for me compared to another product that removes Ammonia called Silphitrin. I am still confused to why, but everyone is different.

Both products remove ammonia from the body (Pake Spike Lobelia and Silphitrin). I am taking both but upping my dose on the Pake Spike and my mind feels clearer every week.

I used to get very dizzy especially when showering, but that went away, I am now wondering if Dr. J's products helped me with that. My leg pains are gone too. I can wear heels again!

If you are taking conventional antibiotics, it is safe for you to take those 2 products I mentioned along with the antibiotics.

Hope that helps,

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